2018 intimate partner violence prevention
Community readiness assessment

Completed in 2018, this Community Readiness Assessment utilized the Tri-Ethnic Center model finding stages of readiness to prevent intimate partner violence in the community through a series of anonymous key-informant interviews.

Readiness scores remain low in Ketchikan for the prevention of intimate partner violence. Learn more about community perceptions of victimization in this report.



2018 violence prevention NEeds and resources assessment

This assessment focuses on identifying current resources available in the community, gaps in resources, and barriers to implementing violence prevention programming in Ketchikan. Though the assessment has a focus on violence prevention the information is useful to addressing any social issue impacting our community.


2010 Intimate partner violence prevention plan

In 2010, a community collaborative participated in the creation of Ketchikan’s first Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Plan. This plan is currently being updated, so check back for a new version soon!

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Causes and Ramifications of Intimate Partner violence and sexual assault

In 2017, Prevention VISTA JD Martin compiled an analysis of research on IPV & SV from Alaska and across the United States. This in-depth assessment helps contextualize the physical, emotional, and economic toll that IPV & SV place on society. From children through adults, no one is unaffected by this social issue.