Training Opportunities

Revilla Island Resilience Initiative supports ongoing training of groups, organizations, and businesses in a variety of topics that can help to make Southern Southeast a more safe, equitable, and trauma-informed place. Through strong partnerships with local and statewide entities, we can connect you with engaging opportunities to grow your staff or group’s knowledge and skills. If you have a specific request for a topic you don’t see listed below, please email or call 228-4371.


History and hope

The "History & Hope" training introduces the audience to the adverse childhood experiences study, and addresses the question "Why are adverse childhood experiences so adverse, and what can we do about it?" Bringing together Alaska Native ancestral knowledge of trauma and resilience; the sciences of neurobiology, physiology, and epigenetics; data on social and economic stressors affecting Alaskan families; simple brain-body healing exercises; and promising practices in education and early childhood settings, this presentation provides an introduction to how trauma-informed, culturally-responsive approaches in healthcare and education can help shift our most pressing health and social problems. You can view a preview here:

Tailored, in-person trainings available from a cohort of experienced trainers, and can include social work contact hours. For training in Ketchikan email or call 228-4371.


Coaching boys into men

Athletic coaches play an extremely influential and unique role in the lives of young men. Because of these relationships, coaches are poised to positively influence how young men think and behave, both on and off the field. Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM) is the only evidence-based prevention program that trains and motivates high school coaches to teach their young male athletes healthy relationship skills and that violence never equals strength.

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Green dot bystander intervention

Have you ever seen something happening that you were concerned about, but felt too uncomfortable or unsure of how to intervene? You are not alone. We are excited to bring the Green Dot Alaska bystander intervention training to Ketchikan. Learn about personal barriers to intervention, how to intervene using the 3 D’s, and simple ways to change the community culture to one that does not accept violence! These skills can be used to combat isolation, stigma, interpersonal violence, community violence, and in many more situations in ways that you are comfortable with. 

To schedule a training email or call 228-4371