State of Alaska Resources and Data


Adverse Childhood Experiences of Alaskan Adults

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is a project by the CDC that collects data on health and behavior of residents in all 50 states. This report was assembled by the Alaska Department on Health and Social Services, using data collected in 2013 to analyze the ACE scores of adults in Alaska.


overcoming aces in alaska

This report by the Alaska Department of Health and Human Services summarizes medical research and compares Alaska with other states. The report also discusses social and economic impacts, and strategies to reduce harm. 


economic costs of aces in alaska

This analysis focuses on the long term costs of ACEs – specifically the costs Alaska pays for adults who experienced ACEs. Policymakers see the costs when a child is taken into custody but rarely connect the expenses incurred thirty years later. This report explores those economic impacts to which a concentrated effort to reduce child trauma might lead, using the Alaska 2013 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance SystemP2F iii P (BRFSS) survey data.