We are working to prevent childhood trauma and promote community healing through collective action.


We are far too aware of the statistics. Children in Alaska suffer some of the highest rates of adverse childhood experiences. The toxic stress created from these traumatic events in the bodies of children lead to lifelong negative impacts.

What can we do to prevent trauma and heal our community?



Learn more about trauma-informed change locally and what RIRI is doing to support the work in the community.


Take Action

Looking to help with trauma-informed growth in Ketchikan? Learn more about joining the RIRI Steering Committee or a work-group.


focus on prevention

Our community is dedicated to preventing harm and negative health behaviors before they begin. From violence prevention to substance abuse prevention, learn more about what locals are doing to address social issues that impact our community.


Discover Training opportunities

We have a variety of trainers to help your group or organization discover more about trauma-informed and trauma-responsive practices.